Koh Samui


Koh Samui is a beautiful 250 km2 island, the 3rd largest island in the Kingdom. The island is located inthe Gulf of Thailand in the China Sea. Koh Samui is known for its beautiful beaches and creeks. It is located 560 km south of Bangkok, it is 21 km wide and 25 km long. The Main Road, also known as Ring Road runs around the island on a distance of 51kilometers.

The vegetation is lush with coconut trees, bougainvillea’s, fruit trees (rambutans, Durian, and many more) as well as many varieties of orchids. Its marvelous waterfalls and many Buddhist temples make Samui unique.

The most beautiful beaches of Samui lie on the northern coast, the most touristic are those of Chaweng and Lamaï which are lined with beautiful hotels.

Choeng Mon, Bo Phut and Mae Nam are located up north and are quieter.

Besides the beaches, other attractions on the island attract many travelers:

the corals of Laem Set and Thong Takhian; the Hin Lat and Na Mueang falls; the phallic rocks of Hat Lamaï (grandfather and grandmother); breathtaking mountain trekking; rum tasting at the rum factory; a huge statue of Buddha seated on Fan Island at AoPlai Laem; sea trips with snorkeling, diving or fishing; jet-skiing; sky-surfing; discovering neighboring islands like Koh Tao or Koh Phangan and finally, Na Thon, the capital of the island where you’ll find many shops and restaurants.